TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run


1. Hinged Roof

2. Removable Divider

3. Sliding Door

4. Restrict Access

5. One-year Warranty

6. Outdoor Run



TRIXIE is a decent coop with the dimensions of 66.8 x 30.2 x 41.2 inches. The two standard size chickens or 4 bantams are apt for it. Your loving flocks can roam in and out, up and down, in the sun or the shade for perfect ease. The coop features outdoor run which helps chickens in roaming and stretching their wings. The chicken will enjoy safe stay due to head downstairs and close-mesh electrified metal net that keeps the predators away. The flocks while pulling and pecking can shield themselves from the wind due to the lower wood lining. You will be happy to know that it requires very less upkeep as it is constructed of solid wood and amalgamated asphalt sands which are impermeable. Insert the removable divider that converts into two separate boxes by connecting to a large nesting box. It weighs 73 pounds.


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