How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coop
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How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coop

It sounds very daunting to perceive snake in and around your chicken coop. The poisonous snake can kill the live chickens and can consume eggs from the nest box. So it is important to keep your coop away from the snakes otherwise it will cause severe damage to you and your feather friends. So if you want to save your coop, eggs, and flocks from the snake attack then keep the snakes away from the chicken coop.  

In this post, you will get immense ideas regarding how to keep snakes away from chickens so that your loving feather flocks can enjoy comfortable and secure life. So let’s proceed further to have snake-proof coop.

  • Prevent the entry of the snake- First of all check all the possible openings from where the snake can enter in your coop. No holes or cracks should be on the wall, floor and roof of the coop. They can also come through fencing so avoid keeping it more than ¼ inch. Cover all the gaps or holes in the door, roof, and walls.
  • Use of snake traps- Keep the snake traps and snake deterrent around your chicken coop that will help in catching the snakes residing near to your yard. You can also make use of snake repellants for keeping snakes out of the chicken coop. The poisonous chemicals may also disturb the health of your loving chicks so consult the vet before making use of the repellents.
  • Avoid long trees and thick grasses- You must cut long grasses grown around your coop as snakes can hide in the dense and long grass. If you find any rocks, debris, and wood near the chicken coop, then remove it so that snake cannot find any shelter. Cut down tall trees as the snake can easily climb the trees which in turn will be proved helpful to shun their entrance from the roof of the coop.
  • Rodent free coop- Keep your coop away from rats and mice as snakes are attracted towards the rodents. So you can use mouse traps to remove them which will help in preventing the entrance of the snakes. Be careful that rat traps do not cause any harm to your flocks.

All the above points will assist you in keeping your coop away from the snake. You must inspect your coop regularly for the proper maintenance so that if you find any shortcomings around your yard, then you can get rid of it. Keep your coop clean and pest free. The snakes get attracted towards eggs and chicks feed so make sure you don’t hold it in the coop especially in the dark.

If you find any snake in your coop, then try to remove it yourself, or if you are scared, then you should proceed with professional help. It would be good if you prefer removing the snake from or around the coop rather than killing it due to impulse reaction.  

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