How to Keep Chicken Coop from Smelling
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How to Keep Chicken Coop from Smelling – Top Solutions?

Are you looking for the top solutions regarding smelling from your chicken coop. Here your search will come to an end by getting acquainted with the ways of keeping the smell away from the coop so that your lovely feather flocks can enjoy the healthy and comfortable stay. To wipe out the smell, it is very much essential to look after the cleanliness. As an owner of the poultry farm, you must be concerned regarding how often to clean chicken coop so that your chicks can enjoy the pleasant stay.

How to keep chicken coop from smelling?

So let’s discuss the necessary steps which will provide you the great help in keeping away the chicken coop smell from you and your chicks.

  • Free from wetness  

Make sure you keep the flock house free from moisture that plays the dominant role in producing the smell. The humidity in the coop can be formed due to the water drops left on the floor. So be particular that there should not be drops or leaks in the coop which produce moisture and in turn smell.

  • Arrange Ventilation 

The well-ventilated coop will provide fresh air to your coop. You can install large door and window in your chicken coop. Keep the bedding and surroundings of the coop free from moisture. Fix fan in the coop which will not only remove the excess heat from the coop but also help in circulation of the air in the coop.

  • Involvement of plant life 

Take help of plant life to provide fresh air in the coop. You can plant herbs, mint, lavender and many other varieties which in turn arrange for removing the stink from the coop. If you own a spacious Royal chicken coop for your chicks than in the nesting areas, you can make use of fresh herbs. It will not only offer you new surroundings but also keep away the flies from the coop.

  • Proper cleaning and upkeep

It is very much essential to keep your coop clean and maintained to provide the sanitary condition to the chicks. The neat and tidy backyard will not only provide fresh air but also keep away the germs and pests.

How often to clean chicken coop?

On a regular basis, you should clean the droppings to avoid their accumulation.

Weekly you can wash and change litter and once in a month replace it with fresh bedding. Perform deep cleaning twice a year. You should consider two factors while cleaning – flock size and season. You have to be particular about deep cleaning in humid and winter climate as these periods can cause moisture in the coop.

You can spread on chicken coop odor neutralizer which will help in maintaining the fresh air. The chicken coop smelling can be reduced to the minimum level by employing straw in the coop which holds little moistness. Under the straw sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder to absorb moisture.

  • Look after the bedding

You should pay attention to the litter twice or thrice in a year. Arrange fresh bedding or shavings in the coop and take away the wet and filthy bedding that causes the stink in the coop.

All the steps as mentioned above will guide you regarding how to keep away smelling from the chicken coop. By following this significant course of action, you can keep the smell away from the coop. Your feather flocks can happily stay in the coop, and even you can visit the coop as per your ease. You only have to keep away the wetness and moistness away from the coop so that it will not spoil the environment in the coop. In winters you have to be more particular about the arrangements to provide warmth and freshness to the chicks. You can make use of heaters to keep your coop warm and dry so that your chickens can enjoy their stay.

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