How to Heat a Chicken Coop- Warm Your Chickens
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How to Heat a Chicken Coop: Warm Your Chickens

Chickens are loving animals that need proper care, love, and attention especially in winters to keep them warm and in pink of health. It is important that you take steps to keep your chicken coop warm in winter for your dear flocks. You can save the precious life from frostbite by making proper arrangement and placement of the winter home for chickens. Here, I will make you aware of the following steps regarding how to heat a chicken coop so that your chickens stay in healthy and sound condition.

Quick tips to warm your chickens

  1. Make the chicken coop comfortable
  2. Heating of deep litter
  3. Insulate the chicken coop
  4. Use Thermal Mass
  5. Keep the quantity of chickens
  6. Proper food intake
  7. Vegetables and fruits
  8. Use fresh water only
  9. Get help of safe chicken coop heater
  10. Build Windbreakers
  11. Use Heat lamp for chickens

Check the best heat lamp for chickens, chicken coop heater, and chicken heating pad below which will help you keep your flocks warm and healthy in winter.

1) Chicken Heating Pad

K&H Manufacturing ThermoChicken Heating Pad is the great addition to any chicken coop that wards off the freezing weather. You will find that it works nicely for the chicks. It supports healthy start in life by confirming that flocks do not get chilled.

  • It is intended to keep the chickens warm when they rest on the pad.
  • It features low power consumption of 40 watts.
  • It has chew resistant design.
  • You can mount it vertically or horizontally.
  • It provides a one-year limited warranty.

2) Safe Chicken Coop Heater

Cozy Products SafeSafe Chicken Coop Heater provides a beautiful warm spot to snuggle up. You will find this heater ideal for the cooler spring nights. The chicks can come together between it and the wall to stay warm. You will find it easy to clean.

  • It is innocuous for the chicken coop.
  • It consumes only 200 watts, so will help you to cut the electricity bills.
  • You will be worry free from replacing the bulbs or heating pads.
  • For small animal houses, it provides great heat.

3) Heat Lamp for Chickens

Premier Heat LampHeat Lamp works great that you can use to heat small areas for your chicks on chilled nights. It can be hanged anywhere as the cord is long enough. The construction is well on which you can rely upon for your ducks, chickens or any animal that is sick or cold.

  • It uses standard bulbs of 250 watts.
  • The diameter of the lamp is 9, ” and the length is 15”. The cord is of anti-chew spring that measures 16”.
  • For better heat movement it features a vented chimney system.
  • It is resistant to high temperatures and crabby animals as it constructed of glass reinforced plastic.
  • It features protective guard and hanging system.

You can use one or all products mentioned above to keep your chickens and their coops warmer. They can be the best resources to keep your feathered friends active and healthy. In the further ado, I will discuss the tips mentioned earlier to present you the detailed idea of the same.

Let’s discuss the steps in detail-

  1. Make your coop comfortable- Keep your coop comfortable by replacing storm windows and repairing the leakages. Check that your coop is not airtight and there is proper ventilation otherwise there may be the risk of developing damp conditions that may cause respiratory problems among the chickens.
  2. Deep litter heating – Collect straw or wood chips and compost it in the floor of the coop. During composting process, the heat will be produced that will help in keeping the birds warm.
  3. Insulating a coop- Make arrangements to insulate your chicken coop. You can make use of foam panels, reflective foil barriers and wood shavings on the floor. It will help in producing heat inside the coop. But make sure that insulation should be in such way that fresh air is not obstructed for your feather friends.
  4. Thermal Mass- During construction, it can be built in your chicken coop. If not possible then you can go for other options like you can keep black painted milk jugs filled with water on windows that will release the stored heat into the coop at night. It is easy to check frostbite in the smaller coop.
  5. Keep chickens in quantity- In a smart way keep your coop full of chickens in great quantity. By staying together, these feather friends will fluff up their feathers that will produce slight huddle of body heat.
  6. A good intake of food- In winters, chickens will like to consume more food. To keep their body temperature high they will rely on extra food. You can provide extra grain and healthy treats so that in winters, they can keep themselves warm.
  7. Fruits and vegetables- You can also provide cabbage or fruit to your loving feathers to keep them active which will help in keeping them warm. The flock will be warmed at night by consuming extra feed.
  8. Lots of fresh water- Provide lots of fresh water to your chicken. Though in winters it would be tough to keep the water in liquid form for the chickens, for your feather friends, you can either arrange haulage buckets of fresh water a number of times per day or you can use the heated water bucket to put in water.
  9. Heaters- The electric heaters will increase the temperature of your coop. You can buy heaters for your chicken coop from the market. In winters, the artificial light will be produced from the heaters that will help in extra laying.
  10. Windbreaks- The improvised windbreaks are constructed by some chicken buffs to line their chicken’s runs. In this manner, the chickens can scuff in ease. It is like changing your chicken run into a cold frame. You can use it for chickens with proper ventilation.
  11. Install a heat lamp- You can install a heat lamp for your chickens. It will provide comfort in freezing temperature. But make sure there is proper arrangement of ventilation so that the problem of suffocation doesn’t occur from the heating lamps.

All the guidelines mentioned above will help you in providing the comfortable and pleasant stay for your loving feather flocks. The creation of chickens is such that they resist cold weather to some extent as they possess feathers on their body. Though chickens can withstand weather conditions, still as the caretaker or owner of the poultry farm, you should take care of these delicate and lovely beings so that no mishap occurs to their valuable life. If there is frigid or extreme cold, then only you make an arrangement of heaters or heat lamps which are artificial ways of providing heat to your chicken.

It would be more worthy if you move with natural steps of providing warmness to your flocks which will make your chicks active and lively. The natural steps which you can undertake are proper arrangement of sunlight, ventilation, food, water, and coop in proper and healthy condition without any leakage. In case you move forward for heaters or lamps, then you should carefully take help of these types of equipment. Plan everything systematically beforehand for your darling flocks so that they don’t face any problem in chill weathers.

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