How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be
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How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be – Exact Size Recommendation

Are you planning to set a chicken coop in your backyard so that you can enjoy the fresh eggs? If yes, then you have to consider lots of things in advance so that you can provide secured life to your feather flocks.

Make sure that before buying chicken coop you should consider the number of chickens you would like to accommodate in your backyard. The preconceived idea about the number of chickens will guide you about chicken coop size, and the same will let you know about the chicken door size.

In this informative article, I will throw light on the chicken coop door size which will guide you to gather the recommendation of the exact size. Let’s proceed to explore the information on the same.

How big should a chicken coop door be?

The chicken coop door size rests on the criteria of the breed which decides the chicken coop dimensions. The standard size of chicken coop door ranges from 10”x10”, but this is the rough estimate as it solely depends on the farm owner that what type of breed and how many chickens he would like to own in his backyard.

In summer your chickens required adequate air circulation, so the door size has to be significant. The 12” W x 12”H will serve your flocks in a great way. In winters to save your flocks from the cold winds, you can make use of interior door frame. The opening of 9”x 9” will appropriately serve your chickens. In this size, even Australorp and Orpingtons can conveniently get into.

If you own modestly sized chickens, then 10×13” will work for your flocks. Generally, three sq.  ft.  space is required per chicken, so if you have six chickens on your poultry farm, then you have to arrange 18 sq. ft. area for your valuable flocks.

Here I will provide you the idea about six hens in which I will talk over the necessary details required to provide comfortable and secured life to your flocks by installing the Chicken Coop Door.

  • Heavy breed – If you are planning to have large flocks then per hen will occupy the space of 4’. The six hens need space of – 4’x6= 24’ which is total sq. ft. of floor space required for your six large breed flocks. The chickens included in this category are Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Australorp and much more.


  • Light Breed- If you go for hens that belongs to light breed then they require the space of 3’ which means you have to arrange the area of 3’x6= 18 sq. ft. for your six hens. In this group, you will find the White Leghorn, Minorca, Scots Dumpy, Appenzeller and much more.   

Light Breed

  • Bantam (Small Breed) –  This small breed requires 2’ and if you possess six hens then the total sq. ft. of floor space needed is 2’x6=12 sq.ft. In this collection, you will find Sebrights, Rosecomb Bantam and many more.

Bantam (Small Breed)

From the points as mentioned above, you will come to know the idea about the space your chicken required in the coop and accordingly you will buy the appropriate coop for your flocks. The coop size will also guide you in determining the size of the door. The chicken coop dimensions will assist you in formulating the chicken door size. All the points like breeds, size, and the number of chickens are interconnected.

If you go for automatic chicken coop door, then you and your flocks can enjoy comfortable life as you don’t have to pay attention during sunrise and sunset timings to open and close the door for your hatchlings and even they will also not depend on you for their activities. Select the proper size chicken coop door so that your flocks can experience the quality and secured life on your farm.

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