DIY Automatic Chicken coop Door

DIY Automatic Chicken coop Door: Find Chicken Coop Door Ideas

The DIY automatic chicken coop door makes the life of your feathery flocks easy and comfortable. They can live safe and secured life by staying away from predators and can even get in and out of the coop as per their wish and convenience. As a poultry farm owner, it would be great if you make yourself familiar with the DIY automatic chicken coop door ideas.

In this article, I would like to talk about the chicken coop door ideas so that you and your flocks live the stress-free life.

How to build automatic chicken coop door?

1. You can make use of electric car antenna that will help in lifting and closing door. The timer can activate the antenna.

2. Make use of the 12v battery for power supply. Arrange wires, screws both small and larger ones, terminal strip, aluminum C channel which you can get it from the hardware store, voltage meter, the small switch, solar panel along with it regulator.

3. There should be constant power to the antenna. It would be great if you allow the antenna to move up and down which can be possible due to enough space. The door should be planned where there is sufficient space and in the coop, you can install it at the high spot.

4. The long piece of aluminum can be used as a C channel. Take a wood and screw C channel into it. Ensure your wood should be straight. Finally, you can attach C channel and wood to the coop.

5. On the bracket you can mount the antenna and for better support to the antenna, you can make use of cable tie.

6. Fix the wires and then locate the timer. To power the timer, you can add the wires. Use a terminal to attach the wires. The board can be attached to the wooden antenna bracket. From the antenna to the timer you can attach all the wires.

7. To the coop you can connect the antenna by making use of bolts and nuts.

8. Now create a door for which you can measure the height from the ground and gap between the C channels. It is important that door should easily move up and down the C channel.

9. Put together the door to the antenna and then add a solar panel and voltage meter.

10. In the end, you should test and run the automatic chicken coop door.

From all these ways you can build your DIY automatic chicken coop door. I hope that the chicken coop door ideas mentioned in this post will make your task convenient and satisfactory so that your flocks can have the pleasant stay.

Make certain that before constructing the DIY automatic chicken coop door you should keep the following points in mind so that the coop becomes the ideal place for your chicks to stay.

What are the requisites of the automatic chicken coop door?

  • It should be durable and eco-friendly.
  • Protect it with linseed oil and made to be all-weather.
  • If your automatic chicken coop door is made up of heavy-duty aluminum, then it will serve your chicks in the better way as no external forces will going to harm it.
  • Ensure your flock can get in and out easily. There should be 10.5” wide opening and tallness can be near about one-foot.
  • For easy to power you can use 4 AA batteries and to screw into the door you can employ 4 bolts.
  • If you look at all these above-mentioned points before going for DIY automatic chicken coop door, then you will definitely get efficient results in your chicken coop door task.

Find Chicken Coop Door Ideas

This article will allow you to find the chicken coop door ideas in a well-organized way. For easy installation you can also buy DIY automatic coop door kit. Let your flocks stay freely and securely by taking on DIY chicken coop door.

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