4x4 Chicken Coop Plan

4×4 Chicken Coop Plans with Chicken Run – How to Make it by yourself?

This article I am writing to share one of my experience, design, and plan of mine 4×4 Chicken coop at home by myself, which can hold about 15 to 17 chickens. The structure of my chicken coop is sustainable as well as susceptible to adverse weather conditions. The process of constructing the chicken coop is straightforward and rapid too. I will show you and guide you through this article to make the DIY 4×4 chicken coop house. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given in the article.

So, now without any deviation, let’s start the process.


1) WoodNormally tropical hardwood and redwood are the most prevalent wood to make such kinds of constructions, but due to its high cost in some cases, it is not suitable. In such cases, we can use a softwood like spruce, pine or hemlock, etc.

2) Other carpentry accessories

  • Nails ½’’, 1’’, 2’’
  • Hammer
  • Hexo
  • Measure Tap
  • Framing Square
  • Level Tube (Level tester)
  • Meter Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Sande

3) Safety shoes, safety gloves (rubber), safety glass (If require)

Now, let’s begin the construction of 4×4 Chicken Coop :

Step 1: Take a piece of wood and cut it in a shape that contains measurements of 2’’x 6’’x 2’

which shows width x length x depth, respectively.

Base PillarStep 2: Cut total no. of 8 pieces of the same dimension as I mentioned above

i.e. 2’’x 6’’x 2’ – 8 nos.

After cutting, clean their rough and sharp edges and make them as smooth as possible.

During rubbing their edges, make sure that the dimensions of them should not get changed.

Step 3: Make the assembly of all eight pieces with the help of ½’’ nails and hammer and make it as given below to prepare the base of the 4×4 Chicken coop.

After making the assembly as given above, the base must possess the dimensions of the sides as 3’6’’ x 3’4’’ and 2‘ height.

Now, let’s move to further steps.

Base AssemblyStep 4: Cut the piece of wood, which comprises of size 4’ x 4’ x 2’’ as shown below.

Keep the depth of the baseboard of 2 inches (optional – as per your requirement).

Base BoardStep 5: Now make the assembly of the previous base of 8 pieces and the baseboard of 4’ x 4’ as given below.

Chicken Coop Base

Place the baseboard exactly above the base pillars so that it perfectly fits in the center of the base assembly.

Step 6: Now look the assembly of the front wall below and cut each piece as specified in the image

Specification of the components

A – 2’’ x 6’’ x 4’ 10 7/16’’ = 4 No.

B – 2’’ x 6’’ x 1’ ½’’ = 4 No.

Front WallStep 6: Now place the prepared front wall frame on the assembled baseboard of 4’ x 4’ as given below.

Front wall with baseboardStep 7: Now, let’s prepare for the sidewalls of the chicken coop. Cut the wood in a below-given manner.

Cut the panels of the sidewalls, as shown in the image, so that it gets the desired shape.

Now cut the panels as per given specification.

To avoid the complexity, you can take one whole board of 3’ 8’’ x 4’ 10 7/16’’.

And then cut it in equal parts of 11’’ from below section and upper part according to shown dimensions.

Front view of Side wallsHere is the zoomed view of the above dimensions of the panels.

Please read carefully and apply it to your coop.

Zoomed View of Side wallsStep 8: You need to cut all the panels twice to prepare both sidewalls of the chicken coop, as shown below. After cutting the walls, attach them on the baseboard both the side with the help of nails.

Front view without roofHere in the rearview of the prepared chicken coop, we can see the 2-inch gap is remaining. Now we need to provide a covering wall to the chicken coop to make it covered from all sides.

Rear View Without wallStep 9: We have built three walls with the base of the chicken coop, now we need to add the 4th wall to the rear of the coop. For this follow below instructions.

Cut the 2’’ thick wooden panel and assemble them as shown below.

2’’x 6’’x 3’ 5 1/16’’ = 8 Nos.

Rear Wall

Rear view with wallStep 10: Now prepare for the top roof of the 4×4 chicken coop as per below instruction.

Here you need to cut two different wooden pieces as specified below.

2’’ x 3 3/16’’ x 4’ 3 15/16’’ = 1 Nos.

2’’ x 3’ 11 15/16’’ x 4’ 3 15/16’’ = 1 Nos.

Roof Panel

Roof panels 2After cutting the roof panels, you can attach the whole group on the top of the 4×4 chicken coop in such a manner that it gets placed with equal distance from each side.

Chicken Coop front viewsStep 11: Specification of windows on the sidewall of the chicken coop. You can attach the windows on both the side. Here I am attaching the windows on one side of the chicken coop because for 4×4 chicken coop windows on one side is equivalent.

Side wall WindowsFor specifications of the windows see below:

  1. 2’’ x 1’ 10’’ x 1’ 1/16’’ = 1 Nos. ( Take offset of 10 – 15 mm)
  1. 2’’ x 1’ 10’’ x 10 1/16’’ = 1 Nos. ( Take offset of 10 – 15 mm)

After making a measured window, please attach it to one of the sidewalls of the chicken coop. It should be according to the orientation of the coop.

Front view of WindowsStep 12: Now, we need to add a door to the chicken coop. You can use the whichever material you want for the door but use the specification as given below.

Door for the 4×4 chicken coop

1’’ x 2’ x 3’ 9 15/16’’

Front View with roofNow here our conventional 4×4 Chicken Coop is ready.

Fianal Chicken CoopBelow I am providing a bonus addition to this coop if you want to create more space for more chickens, then you can make a partition in the coop as shown below.

Given below 4×4 Chicken coop model is applicable for more than 30 chickens, which is a great deal in such size of a chicken coop.

Size of the board

2’’ x 44’’ x 44’’ = 1 Nos.

Installation of Partition board

Particion Doors

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