Welcome to Royal Chicken Coop with Affordable Price

At Royal Chicken Coop, you can buy chicken coops with modern and long-lasting structure for your feather friends that offer large facilities. We have taken into consideration how you take care of your poultry in the best possible manner, so we presented you the variety of chicken coop for sale with pioneering design and quality materials. The innovative design of coops will enhance the look of your backyard and garden.

Plenty of amenities are added to the coops that provide great comfort and pleasure to your chicks. Our chicken coop kits for sale include hinged roof and removable divider. Your loving chickens can roam and stretch their wings easily due to outdoor runs. We have given the top priority to the aspects of ventilation and spaciousness so that the chicks can enjoy the healthy and comfortable stay.

It is very much important to make arrangements for the safety of your precious flocks from the predators, so we have featured close-mesh electrified metal net and head downstairs that will keep the predators away.

Less maintenance is required for our products as they are constructed of solid wood and other sturdy material. You can quickly clean the coops by sliding out the droppings tray. Due to the presence of extra nesting box, you can quickly grasp the eggs. The hard fasten locks provide additional safety to your chickens.

We did the lot research to provide all the comforts to your chickens. Our experts take into thought each important feature to provide satisfactory stay to your hatchlings. You can buy chicken coop available for sale here as per your requirements. Let us know for any query you have through our contact us form.

The Royal Chicken Coops are made of the materials used to build homes which result in the durable design and construction. Our aim is to provide users the top quality, large chicken coops so that all the necessities and expectations for your backyard flocks are fulfilled satisfactorily. We make custom chicken coops in the USA that do not call for maintenance for many years.

Predator Proof Chicken Coop for Sale

Why Should you Buy Modern Royal Chicken Coops?

You will find it easy to clean

Our chicken coop with run is designed in such a way that it is quite easy to clean. The poops fall directly to the ground from the coop and dry due to our proprietary design. You don’t require gloves and brushes to clean it. For cleaning, you only need a rake. You can go for vacations without worrying about your flocks as our Royal Chicken Coops are waterer and feeder that let weekly refilling.

Varieties of Coops

We offer Royal chicken coop for sale that ranges from small to large sizes and different varieties. Various types of models serve some specific purposes. The round top backyard design allows you to keep 20 hens in the real and lovely way. The other model- Round top mobile chicken coop can shelter four hens in an elegant and cool little coop. We also deliver custom chicken coop for six chickens.

We introduce the round –top, walk-in chicken coop for those users who wish to walk into their chicken coop. It is appropriate and comfortable for full standing height and can accommodate up to 20 hens.

The commercial version of the chicken coop is the round-top sustain chicken coop that features an optional brooder box that offers evolution area for continual flock re-generation. It is well suited for the large family who prefers fresh eggs.

All our chicken coops provide you quick access to hens and eggs. In our chicken coop kits for sale, you won’t face the risk of striding into a big bead of fresh poop. The designs are flexible that provide ample of choices.

Save Money

Our custom chicken coops are affordable and will not break your bank. You will enjoy the prices as they are cheap. All the features in affordable ranges are available for the buyers.

Predator Proof

Our chicken coops with run are predator proof. All of them are painstakingly tested. Lots of testing and experiments were done to check our smart chicken coops with the help of neighborhood predators by exposing them to coyotes, opossums, skunks and many suburban nightlives.

Encompasses inclusive features

You will enjoy the buying of our chicken coops as they include all the wide-ranging features meant for perfect shelters. All are water resistant and long lasting with the huge variety of models that differ in shapes and sizes. The spaciousness and well-planned design will offer the perfect stay to your friendly flocks. They will enjoy laying fresh, nutritious eggs and you will get true value for the money.